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July 27, 2023:
New Language:
• The Rockstar Weekly bot now supports Chinese (Simplified)!

July 20, 2023:
New Source Information:
• The Rockstar Weekly bot will now gather information from the Rockstar Games Newswire instead of the Rockstar Games Social Club due to having better punctuality and translation availability.
• Any date will now be formatted in your own timezone!

June 29, 2023:
Performance Improvements and Formatting Changes:
• Bonus titles will now be in ALL CAPS.
• This formatting change will significantly reduce loading times for /gta and /rdo commands and test posts.

June 1, 2023:
New Auto Post Time:
• Starting next week, GTA Online and Red Dead Online auto posts will be sent at 5:00 PM Eastern time.

May 12, 2023:
New Translations
• Polish, French, Italian, Chinese (Traditional), Japanese, and Korean are now official languages of the Rockstar Weekly bot.
• English will remain the default language.
• Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and German translations have been improved.
• The /autopost command will now detect if your language differs from your server language.

May 5, 2023:
Translation Improvements
• Names and descriptions of commands are now translated based on your language.
/gta and /rdo will now be translated based on your language.
   • Users with different languages in the same server will now get /gta and /rdo commands in their respective languages.
   • Direct messages will now be translated based on your language.
• Automatic posts and test posts will continue to rely on the /language command.
Polish, French, Italian, Chinese (Traditional), Japanese, and Korean translations are now available for /gta and /rdo commands.
   • Translations for Polish, French, Italian, Chinese (Traditional), Japanese, and Korean for the /autopost command will be available soon.

May 1, 2023:
Configuration Options are now Disabled
• Configuration options have been removed.
• The Confirm buttons and Stop buttons are now disabled if there are no active GTA Online or Red Dead Online subscriptions.
• Test post confirmation messages are now consolidated if multiple channels are subscribed in the same server.
• Various translation improvements and additions.

April 10, 2023:
• On May 1, 2023 only Administrators will be allowed to use the /autopost command
• The "configure" button on the /autopost command will no longer be available on May 1, 2023 at 12:00 AM EST.

March 30, 2023:
• The Rockstar Weekly bot is now live on the App Directory!
• On desktop computers you can view the features, popular slash commands, and add the Rockstar Weekly bot to your server.

February 19, 2023:
• Testing auto posts now tells you if you are missing permissions in a subscribed channel.
• Type /autopost then click Confirm to try it out.

February 03, 2023:
• Translation support for Spanish (español), Portuguese (Português), Russian (Pусский), and German (Deutsch) is here! Try out the new /language command to change the language for your server.
• Special Thanks to Discord user rempfor for Russian translation help.
• The /autopost command now expires after 5 minutes instead of 2.

November 05, 2022:
• Announcement channels can now receive auto posts.

October 26, 2022:
• Auto posts are now available.